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How long do Fort Myers FL drivers have to file a claim with auto insurance?

Being in a car accident can be frightening and stressful. There are several tasks to take care of after a Fort Myers, FL accident, depending on factors like whether there were injuries or property damage. Clark & Bell Insurance Agency can help your questions about how to deal with life after an auto accident.

What To Do Right Away After an Accident

When you are in an accident, you should seek medical care immediately if you are injured. It is also important to file a report, preferably with the police department. When an officer comes to the scene for a report, there will be a record of everything from who was involved to the weather that day to what was the likely cause of the accident.

You May Not Need To File a Claim

If there were no injuries, you may not need to file a claim. When the insurance takes care of the property damage in a timely manner, the parties can move on with their lives without further interaction.

Filing a Claim

If there were any injuries, you might need to file a claim. For most legal claims, you have up to 2 years to file a lawsuit. However, it is better to start the claims process as soon as possible after an accident. 

Building a case takes time. Witnesses can forget what happened, and your priorities may change. If you start the process immediately, you can start preserving all the evidence.

We Are Here To Help

Fort Myers, FL drivers should call their insurance agents immediately after any auto accident. Your agent at Clark & Bell Insurance Agency can help you figure out what to do next and help preserve your rights. Call today if you want to make sure you have the protection you need.

Types of commercial insurance most people can benefit from

Owning a business is a dream that can quickly become a nightmare if things start to go wrong and you don’t have the right commercial insurance. At Clark & Bell Insurance Agency in Fort Myers, FL, we are independent insurance agents, and as such we work for our customers not for the insurance carriers. 

Commercial Coverage Options

Liability coverage

Between 35 and 50% of businesses are sued every year. It is estimated that 75% of small business owners have concerns about being sued. The average settlement is in excess of $50,000, and this could be very difficult for a business to pay out from its regular budget. With commercial liability insurance the judgment could be paid and the legal expenses as well and this would make survival possible. 

Property insurance

Commercial property insurance covers the building that houses your business if you own it but beyond that, it covers the content, the things that you use to conduct your business. What that involves depends to a large extent on the nature of your business. If you have a factory, it would be machinery, tools, inventory, and raw materials. If you’re an accountant, it might be office equipment and records, a shop would have display units, cash register, inventory, etc. 

Workers compensation insurance

In Florida, if you have four or more employees, you are required to cover them with workers compensation. Different industries in Florida have different requirements such as the farming industries and construction which have seasonal employees. Workers compensation protects your employees, but it also protects you making it a valuable coverage to have. 

We Are Here To Help

If you live in or near Fort Myers, FL, you can count on our team at Clark & Bell Insurance Agency to be there to help you with any questions that you have about commercial insurance coverage. 

Things every new homeowner should know about home insurance

Buying a first home can be terrifying, and there are so many things that you must learn about. One of them is home insurance. In Fort Myers, FL you can count on our team at Clark & Bell Insurance Agency to provide the information and support that you require from the moment you get your home insurance through any claims that you may have over the years. 

You choose the deductible

There is not one set deductible. You get to choose the amount that you want. Keep in mind if you need to file a claim you will need to pay the deductible. It is not a yearly deductible, it is an every-claim deductible. Most people choose something like $500 or $1,000 per claim. 

Home insurance doesn’t cover everything

Like most insurance coverage, home insurance has exclusions, things that it won’t pay. Knowing what these are is vital for your peace of mind. If your home is damaged by a flood, it won’t be covered. If an earthquake, sinkhole, mudslide, or landslide occurs, it won’t be covered. If your sewer backs up, it’s not covered. In most cases, termites, mice, carpenter ants, and mold aren’t covered. 

You can purchase riders

If you need to extend your coverage in one of the areas of your policy, you can add a rider. This might be for more jewelry coverage which is quite limited. Be prepared to have appraisals for your valuable pieces. 

Not all dogs are covered

Some dogs are considered so dangerous that they are not covered for liability on your home insurance policy. If you have a dog, you should call your carrier to make sure you are covered.

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Call us today at Clark & Bell Insurance Agency in Fort Myers, FL with any questions or concerns you may have about home insurance. 

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