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Florida Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Classic Car Insurance in Florida

If you have a vehicle that is 30 years old or older, it can be considered a classic car in the state of Florida. Our agents at the Clark & Bell Insurance Agency, serving the Fort Myers, FL area, know and understand the importance of protecting the investment you have made in your beautiful classic car.

Florida Insurance Requirements

Although you will not be driving your classic car on public roads and highways daily like other vehicles, you still need to have a minimum of liability insurance in place in case you are ever involved in an accident while traveling to or from an event, car show, or other trips. This type of insurance will help you pay for injuries or damage you cause in an accident.

Vehicles typically fall under the classic car specification include hotrods, antique vehicles including farm vehicles, vintage cars, classic motorcycles, classic military vehicles, and even exotic vehicles or limited edition or collectible cars.

Other Coverage Options

Once your car has been registered as a classic car by the state of Florida, you can obtain specialized classic car insurance, which differs slightly from regular auto insurance policies. This is because classic car insurance is based on the value of your vehicle, which does not depreciate like regular vehicles do. Also, you must keep your classic car stored properly in a safe place, such as a garage or building, when it is not in use. The mileage on your classic car should be kept to a low number of miles since you should only be driving it for special events, car shows, and other similar places and not for everyday use.

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For all your classic car insurance needs, contact our experienced agents at the Clark & Bell Insurance Agency, serving the Fort Myers, FL area, to get your policy started and protect your investment in your beautiful classic car!

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