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Florida Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance in Florida

Get Flood Insurance Before Disaster Hits

Floods are one of the most damaging of natural disasters. It has become increasingly common for creeks, streams, rivers, and the ocean to flood entire neighborhoods. The state of Florida, however, doesn't require that you carry flood insurance. If you have a mortgage, your lender will require it if you live in a flood plain. Given how flat Florida is and how much water is around, that is most areas. It rains almost every day in the summer, and the soil can only handle so much water.

Many people mistakenly believe their homeowners, condo, or renters insurance covers flooding, but it doesn't. You need to have a dedicated flood insurance policy to provide flood coverage. At Clark & Bell Insurance Agency in Fort Myers, FL, we are knowledgeable about flood insurance and can help ensure you have the coverage you need.

Who can forget the devastation that Hurricane Ian wrought on the state of Florida? It makes you understand what is at risk if your home gets flooded. Even an inch of water can cause many thousands of dollars of damage, and when you consider the Florida heat, mold can't be far behind.

Flood insurance comes in two parts. You can buy one or both. One covers the physical building, and the other covers the content. The federal government has flood insurance coverage that works for most people. If you have a more valuable home or a home with expensive content, private flood insurance is available. It would be best to consider getting flood insurance before the risk is inevitable. Most policies will not take effect for at least 30 days.

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Contact Clark & Bell Insurance Agency in Fort Myers, FL for all your flood insurance needs. We will do a risk assessment to determine what your level of risk of flooding is and make recommendations about the right amount of coverage.

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