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Florida Recreational Insurance Coverage

Recreational Insurance in Florida

Life is full of adventures. Hopefully, it's mostly good ones! But sometimes, the unexpected and frustrating adventures slip in there. Our Clark & Bell Insurance Agency team in Fort Myers, FL can help navigate some ugly turns by offering comprehensive recreational insurance packages that will protect your investments and get you back on your feet following a covered incident.

Not sure if you need recreational insurance? Consider the following important things about this type of insurance:

What to Know About Florida Recreational Insurance

  • Recreational insurance covers all types of "fun" items. Recreational insurance is designed to offer financial protection for an array of non-traditional vehicles or fun vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles, boats, water toys, and campers of every size (including truck and SUV toppers).
  • Recreational insurance is essential no matter how frequently you use your recreational item. While it is true that the more often you use something, the greater your risk of having an accident, you still risk an incident every time you take your boat, jet ski, camper, or other recreational items out. Plus, our Clark & Bell Insurance Agency team can customize policies that will fit both limited and frequent usage.
  • Home insurance is not an alternative to recreational insurance. Home insurance is fantastic for safeguarding important property like recreational items, but most policies will only accept claims for events at home. So, for example, if a fallen tree hits your trailer on your property, home insurance will cover it, but if a fallen tree damages your trailer while at the local boat ramp, only a specialized recreational insurance policy will cover the claim.

Learn More About the Importance of Florida Recreational Insurance

For more information about what is and is not covered by recreational insurance and how to secure the best policy for your toys, call our team at Clark & Bell Insurance Agency in Fort Myers, FL today!

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