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Florida RV Insurance Coverage

RV Insurance in Florida

Our Clark & Bell Insurance Agency team is a full-service insurance agency offering comprehensive insurance policies to cover various customer needs. One of the more "fun" types of insurance we offer is RV insurance, or insurance for your camper or RV. RV insurance is a must-have for those looking to camp in or near Fort Myers, FL, or for those who live here and are looking to camp elsewhere in Florida and beyond.

Types of RV Insurance Coverage Available to Florida RV Owners

  • Liability Insurance. Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability are arguably the two most important types of RV insurance coverage RV owners will need. The first pays for medical expenses and any related court costs if someone else is injured in an at-fault vehicular accident. The latter pays for damages caused to any property.
  • Collision Coverage. This significant RV insurance coverage offers reimbursement for any damages to your RV in a collision, including collisions with things other than vehicles. If you're deemed at fault for the incident, this coverage will come into play. Otherwise, the other party's insurance will pay out.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Insurance. This RV insurance goes beyond to protect your RV and reimburse you if the vehicle or any property within is damaged, destroyed, or stolen in a non-collision event. For example, if a fire in the RV or an extreme storm knocks a branch into your skylight, comprehensive coverage will kick in and pay for the damages.
  • Vacation Liability. If you frequently take your RV out on the road for extended vacations, we recommend this Florida RV insurance coverage, which will offer specialized protection with reimbursements for things like lodging in the event of a vacation disruption.

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